my days are full

My days have been so full.  Not nearly enough time.

End of the school year parties, dinners with friends, impromptu gatherings, finally being able to put the finishing touches on my office, trying to work on my portfolio, the list goes on...

And changes are most definitely coming.  It will be good for us.

But it's nice to come home, sit down, and share a meal.

It feels good to be loved.

a quiet beach house

Film. Kodak Ektar 100.

I received my film back from the photo lab of our weekend in Santa Rosa Beach.  Even though we missed the bright sun and warm weather, there is a solemn comfort I find in these images - the grey clouds, the darkness, the wrinkled sheets.

I have a few more images from the beach and our rental that I'll share with you this week.


saying goodbyes

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined We spent our last weekend in Pittsburgh with friends, outside - enjoying wine with the laughter of our girls in the background.

I knew we would only spend a year in Pennsylvania.  We arrived with a two week old baby and a three year old little girl, with no friends or family to speak of for miles away.   I knew that the year would be tough and that the winter would be hard.

What I didn't know was that the year would fly by.  That I would make so many dear friends.  Not just "friends", but life-long relationships.  I once believed that I didn't have time for friends anymore.  I barely had time for myself, and my family.  How wrong I was.

I didn't know how much I would grow in my mothering.  How confident I would be this time around.  How many play dates my girls would have.  How many friends they would make here as well.

I didn't know how much we would create a home for ourselves here.  How being apart from our family would make the four of us grow and bond and depend on one another.

If someone would have whispered these things in my ear a year ago, I would not have believed them.  But all of this is true.

I will always look back at my time here with such fond memories ....