Project Life Layouts

As I was updating my documenting projects on my portfolio, I realized that I have not yet shared these layouts I completed in 2017. 

I really love these layouts and can't believe I overlooked sharing them on my blog! Better late than never, right?

Azzari Jarrett | 2017 Project Life

Last year, I used a 12x12 album and it was so good to have so much space to work with on my layouts. Here I documented our annual girls' trip in Park City, Utah.

Azzari Jarrett | 2017 Project Life

Asheville, North Carolina will always have a special place in my heart. We have had so many special trips there, and my girls love all of the outdoor activities. The mountains are beautiful, and love how I captured that feeling in this layout.

Azzari Jarrett | 2017 Project Life

And this is a layout with me and my youngest daughter. She's now 4 years old, but she will always be my baby.

These layouts were created with Design A photo page protectorsSummit Documenter Kit, Sugar Mountain, 4x6 Love Stamp Set, and January 4x6 paper pad

April Documenter Workshop - Studio Calico

Azzari Jarrett | Studio Calico April 2018 Documenter Workshop

Studio Calico's April Documenter Workshop begins tomorrow. I contributed one of my 6x8 inch layouts with this month's "Be Happy" documenter kit. I love the copper elements included in this kit.  Coupled with the soft pops of color, really elegant layouts are the result.

You can enroll in the class to see my entire spread. 

Project Life 2018 - March Layouts

I recently returned from a girls trip in Scottsdale, Arizona. We enjoyed a spa weekend, staying up late and catching up, and simply relaxing by the pool - which is always a treat! I couldn't wait to return home and document our adventures. 

Project Life | 6x8 Layout | Azzari Jarrett

No hard and fast rules this year around documenting. I'm not keeping track of the weeks or dates, just simply documenting all things that I'd like to remember.  You can read a little more about my plans for this year here.

I'm using a 6x8 album, with various page protectors. One of my goals this year is to create most of journal cards, or use what I have in my stash. I created the "Scottsdale" illustration of our trip on the plane home using Procreate, my iPad Pro and Pencil - just doodling and loving it! And the "ok ladies now let's get in formation" is available as a digital download in my etsy shop, which I resized to 3x4 inches.

Project Life 2018 Plans + Free Printable Title Page Cards

Azzari Jarrett 2018 Project Life Title Page

2018 marks my 5th year documenting with Project Life. I can't believe that I have enjoyed this creative outlet for this long! 

I'm changing a few things this year in order to keep the project fresh for me.  I am switching to a smaller format - a 6x8 inch album and I plan on using most of my own designs for journal cards. Don't get wrong, I will definitely use others from my stash, but this year, I want to stretch myself creatively. 

Starting this year with a simple and minimal approach with these 2018 journal cards.  I initially designed them last year for my 2017 album title page, and I loved them so much that I've updated them to 2018 for this year's album.

I though that I would share, if you'd like to use them for your own album! You can find them here.

Please do let me know if you decide to include them in your documenting!

Here are my previous title pages: 2017, 2016, and 2015.

Looking forward to sharing more layouts (and designs) this year.

November Documenter Kit Workshop

Azzari Jarrett | Studio Calico November Documenter Workshop 2017

I'm super excited to announce that I am teaching Studio Calico's November Documenter Kit Workshop using the Homestead Documenter Kit

In this workshop, I am sharing three Documenter spreads, three process videos, and three inspiring ideas to use to get started creating with the kit. In addition, you'll also receive a digital printable file, a private class message board, and stunning contributing layouts from Jen CarlsonCarson Riutta, and Mel Blackburn.

Azzari Jarrett | Studio Calico November Documenter Workshop 2017

The Fall Colors are beautiful in this kit - they will pair perfectly with your layouts this season. I'll also show you how versatile the kit is by documenting a recent trip to New Orleans.

Azzari Jarrett | Studio Calico November Documenter Kit Workshop 2017

You can subscribe to the documenter workshop here.

I am also hosting a giveaway on my instagram account for a free spot in the workshop for you and a friend (regardless if you are a subscriber or not). You and a friend will also receive the Homestead Documenter Kit for free! To enter, please visit my instagram account!

Class Now Open!

Just a quick reminder that Pocket Prompts 25 starts today over at Big Picture Classes!

Be sure to join me for this self paced class for inspiration for your own layouts.  Free printable journal card set included with registration.

See you there!

Pocket Prompts 25 with Big Picture Classes

I'm excited to announce that I am teaching my first online class, Pocket Prompts 25 over at Big Picture Classes!  If you've ever wondered about my creative process, or how my layouts come together, this is definitely the class for you.

Azzari Jarrett | Pocket Prompts 25

In this class, I will walk you through 5 of my favorite photo taking techniques.  I will show you how to incorporate film in your layouts (something that is near and dear to my heart).

Azzari Jarrett | Pocket Prompts 25

I will also review 5 journaling techniques that I use in my layouts to help capture the stories of my family.

Azzari Jarrett | Pocket Prompts 25
Azzari Jarrett | Pocket Prompts 25

I've also included in depth videos of how my layouts come together - things to keep in mind when working on a layout.

Azzari Jarrett | Pocket Prompts 25

As an added bonus, I've designed a set of printable journaling cards to get you started! They are available for free to all who register for the course.

Azzari Jarrett | Pocket Prompts 25

Even if you are seasoned pro with pocket pages, or just getting started, there is something for you to take away from this class!

Pocket Prompts 25 starts a week from today, March 13, 2017. Additionally, you can sign up for a free, two week trial at Big Picture Classes.

See you in the classroom!

2017 Project Life Plans + Title Page

It's been quite a while since my last post!

My family and I have picked up and moved to the North Carolina coast - much, much more on this in a later post!  Needless to say, my documenting took a back seat to pretty much everything else in my life - selling our home, finding a new home, and getting my girls settled in a new environment.  

Even though I am not finished with my 2016 album, I have decided to start fresh and new and catch up as time permits.  No stress, no guilt, am I right?

This year, I am going back to documenting with a 12x12 album. I will be using two of the Sweet Edition Albums and mostly Design A pocket pages, with a few others mixed in as well.  I really loved documenting with my 9x12 album last year, and it provided me with the creative change I needed.  But I found that I missed the familiarity of of my 12x12 layouts.  Plus, I have so much in my stash right now, it feels good to use what I have.

For my title page this year, I included a few of my favorite pictures of my girls and one that my husband captured of us running on the beach.  I designed the "2017" 3x4 cards myself, something that I'd like to do more of this year.  And the "New Year, New Chances" card is from LifeLovePaper included in Studio Calico's Roman Holiday Documenter Kit.

And just for fun, here are my past title pages:

2015 Project Life Title Page 

It feels good to be back sharing again in this space, more soon.