August Thoughts

Contax 645 | Azzari Jarrett
Contax 645 | Azzari Jarrett
Contax 645 | Azzari Jarrett

It is the first day of August and it is quiet in my home this morning.  Our Saturday mornings will soon be filled with soccer games and other school obligations, so I realize how rare moments like this will be.

I wanted to share a post that really spoke to me this morning.  Perhaps it speaks to you as well? 

Ash Ambirge, author of the blog The Middle Finger Project,  writes:

The only way you can stumble upon conviction in yourself - Is by not stumbling upon it…but putting yourself in situations requiring it.

By making promises to yourself that you’re going to do something…and then doing it. Come hell or high water.

Follow through.

Even when you don’t want to. Even when you’re scared to death. Even when you aren’t so sure anymore. And let nothing stop you.

This is how you learn to trust yourself. Little by little, promise by promise, vow by vow, action by action. And soon, you won’t want to write a note to the world. Because you’ll know that the real person you’re bailing on… Is yourself.

Let this be a reminder that whatever it is you decide to do - to write daily, begin an exercise program, take photos, paint - commit yourself to doing just that.

Follow through, even when you are scared, and let nothing stop you.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Good Morning Crete

Crete, Greece | photo by Azzari Jarrett

We spent two days wonderful days in Athens before heading to the Greek Island of Crete.  Crete, located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, is the largest of the Greek islands.  It was an easy 30 minute flight from Athens, and we traveled at night, so we were not able to see very much on our arrival.

I was up at 5AM that first morning, ready to see the sun rise.  It was a quite morning with my camera by the sea.

And oh what a beautiful sight.  I will never forget how warm the sun felt and how blue the sea was.  

Through these film images, I hope that I was able to capture what I felt that day.  That is what is most important to me - not the image itself, but the feeling of this specific moment in time.

Crete, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Crete, Greece | photo by Azzari Jarrett
Crete, Greece | photo by Azzari Jarrett
Crete, Greece | photo by Azzari Jarrett
Crete, Greece | photo by Azzari Jarrett
Crete, Greece | photo by Azzari Jarrett

Oh Crete, you are so beautiful.  

And a behind the scenes look at me capturing these photos, taken by my husband. 

I have more images to share, very soon.

Travels | Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett

During the last week in June, my husband and I traveled to Greece to celebrate our 12 year anniversary.  Deciding what camera to bring for a trip is always a huge decision for me.  I settled on my Contax and Polaroid 660, and after traveling for 13 hours, I almost regretted bringing both due to the weight on my shoulders.

Now that I have my film back, I'm so glad I did.  Love that I have these captures of Athens on 120 film - a mix of Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Ektar, and Fuji Pro 400h.  

I think it's important to mention that although Greece is in a period of uncertain financial times, the beauty of the city of Athens as well as the majestic Acropolis is so inspiring and simply put, amazing.  I am happy that we were able to contribute to the economy of a nation dealing with tough times and that we experienced the joy from the local Greek citizens that appreciated our presence there.

Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett

There were so many olive trees - definitely the pride and joy of Greece.  

Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett

My favorite part of our trip was the fact that we made sure not to schedule too many activities, which left time to wonder the streets of Plaka, a quaint, historical neighborhood in Athens surrounding the Acropolis.

Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett

 A view of Mount Lycabettus, as seen from the Acropolis.

Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett

The Parthenon is one of the most characteristic monument of ancient Greek culture and continues to be a symbol of democracy and the beginning of Western Civilization.  It was amazing to actually be in the presence of temples that have been standing for thousands of years.

Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett
Athens, Greece | Azzari Jarrett

Next week, I'll share more captures from our trip to the Greek Island of Crete.

summer flowers

Enjoying the beauty of these summer months - so much color!

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Greece, and I have so much to share. Still dealing with a bit of jet lag, which I definitely under-estimated. I'm waiting patiently for film to be developed and I will share more from our travels soon.



Viewfinders is a group of 15 photographers dedicated to recording the world around them.  There is so much photo goodness to be found on their site.  

One aspect that I love the most is the Viewfinders Manifesto.  Learn is my favorite - "We believe that making mistakes is essential on the road to making great images: We aim to inspire with beautiful images but we're not afraid to share our struggles and missteps and the learnings that came from them."


Photography, as with any creative pursuit, requires trial and error in order to find your voice, your perspective, your style.

I am honored to be a guest contributor.  

I invite you to join me there for my post, Going Green

Currently - June

Summer is in full swing around here, and I am loving this break from our normal schedule.  

A few things that I am currently loving this month:

Taking advantage of the extra sunlight that comes with these long summer days - early morning coffee on the patio and late evening trips to the pool.

Honored for this quick feature on Apartment Therapy

Prepping for Ali Edward's upcoming Week In The Life later this summer.  I plan on sharing a few of my spreads from 2014 and 2013 soon.

Happy that I am picking up my camera more and more these days.

Laughed out loud when I read this - 10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.

Emerged myself in Victoria Will's work - she photographed celebrities at Sundace on film.  See her amazing photos here.

Loving how my baby girl only wants to wear long sun dresses these days.

Looking forward to a summer vacation.  Picking which cameras I will bring is proving to be harder than I thought.

Enjoying here and now, and trying not to wish away my days.

What are you enjoying this month?

photo + reflection

© Azzari Jarrett, The Sweet Light © Azzari Jarrett, The Sweet Light

There are times that I think my heart might burst because of the sheer weight of the love I have for them.

There was a time when I could not fathom how I would mother one, let alone three.

But I do.  Along with a tight knit village.

The anniversaries of their births remind me how far I have come.

One day at a time.

And we grow.

And we learn.

And that heavy heart of mine bursts with pride.