Viewfinders - Returning to Normal

Azzari Jarrett | Blur on Purpose

I captured this image in September 2018.

My family and I had just evacuated our home in preparation of Hurricane Florence. So many thoughts and feelings associated with this image. Will our community withstand the direct hit? Would we have even a home to return to?

I’m sharing more thoughts on this experience, Returning to Normal, over on Viewfinders today.

Viewfinders - The Untouchables

Azzari Jarrett | Polaroid Film

I'm over on Viewfinders today, sharing a bit about the photos I call the "untouchables". The ones that I deem imperfect in some way - out of focus, too light, too dark, etc. 

I'm taking a closer look at them and realizing that they make me who I am today as a photographer. 

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And if you are interested, more of my posts on Viewfinders.

Exposing Children to Photography Exhibits

Azzari Jarrett | Exposing Children to Photography Exhibits

Please join me over on Viewfinders today as I share some lessons learned when bringing my daughters to our local art museum.

It is so important to expose our children to the arts, to plant those seeds of curiosity. 

More on the Viewfinders blog.

Viewfinders Guest Post

On the Table | Black and White Photography by Azzari Jarrett

I've been away for a bit longer than I expected. 

There is nothing better to recharge your spirit than to get out of your normal routine, change things up a bit, and disconnect for a while.  Add to that an epic trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I feel like my creative spark has returned.  

I have so much to share with you, beginning with my guest post over at Viewfinders. I'm sharing a few of black and white instant film photos and my thoughts on one of my favorite films being discontinued.  

I hope you join me there. Much more, soon.