August Thoughts

Contax 645 | Azzari Jarrett
Contax 645 | Azzari Jarrett
Contax 645 | Azzari Jarrett

It is the first day of August and it is quiet in my home this morning.  Our Saturday mornings will soon be filled with soccer games and other school obligations, so I realize how rare moments like this will be.

I wanted to share a post that really spoke to me this morning.  Perhaps it speaks to you as well? 

Ash Ambirge, author of the blog The Middle Finger Project,  writes:

The only way you can stumble upon conviction in yourself - Is by not stumbling upon it…but putting yourself in situations requiring it.

By making promises to yourself that you’re going to do something…and then doing it. Come hell or high water.

Follow through.

Even when you don’t want to. Even when you’re scared to death. Even when you aren’t so sure anymore. And let nothing stop you.

This is how you learn to trust yourself. Little by little, promise by promise, vow by vow, action by action. And soon, you won’t want to write a note to the world. Because you’ll know that the real person you’re bailing on… Is yourself.

Let this be a reminder that whatever it is you decide to do - to write daily, begin an exercise program, take photos, paint - commit yourself to doing just that.

Follow through, even when you are scared, and let nothing stop you.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


My oldest daughter just finished reading Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.  

An excellent book for teaching kids about empathy, compassion, and acceptance - all qualities I strive to instill in my daughters.

I find myself using this phase a lot when parenting these days - When given the choice between being right and being kind, always choose kind.

I think the world could use a little more of this.

Have a great weekend.

Words and Images + Free Font Download

© Azzari Jarrett
© Azzari Jarrett
© Azzari Jarrett
© Azzari Jarrett

I have been having a love affair with fonts lately.  Mini confession: I have been known to spend money on fonts before a new outfit.  The designer in me can't help it!

I have been tinkering with my own fonts for a while now.  I played around with these images that I took in Napa Vally and San Francisco in February of 2012.  Quite fun to see my handwriting on these images!

Thought I'd share with you.   Introducing Coffee Shop, a simple truetype font of my handwriting.  Named as such, simply because I created this in -  you guessed it - a coffee shop.

CoffeeShop Font

Download Coffee Shop, free for personal use.  If you decide to use it on your own images (or anything else), please share the results - I'd love to see it!

Instructions for installing a font on Windows and/or Mac here.

Have a great weekend.